QF8 - HOLISTIC COMMUNICATION  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​

Evolving Reality

Holistic Communication seeks to connect the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes of BEING by translating physical symptoms, mental attitudes and negative emotions into potentials for growth, so we can blossom into who we're meant to be, both personally and collectively. 

It is heart-centred - breaking through the linear thinking of duality and balancing polarities by mediating from the centre. 

We often hear people talking about "humanity waking up,.." or making leaps in their "conscious awareness". Whatever your beliefs, you've only got to look around to see the evidence of this shift across the planet. My world view is that we're moving towards a new paradigm which operates at a higher frequency. As our humanity evolves, the structures we've taken for granted for centuries are starting to fall away. For lots of us, this is a painful process - sometimes because we're invested and can't let go or simply because we're stuck in 'old-paradigm' thinking, often without realising it. 

There's an ocean of new information out there, scientific and spiritual, chemical, mathematical, quantum physical, epi-genetical and a long etc., but it's filtering down at the speed of a dripping tap and in small pockets, like a half-completed jigsaw puzzle. 

We have an opportunity to speed up our transition to this new paradigm if we can just translate COMPLEX into SIMPLE and be brave enough to take this new information and apply it to our lives. 

Imagine you're on a 25 mile hike. You set off, super-enthusiastic and about 3 miles in, your shoes start pinching as you realise they're just a half-size too small. It's too late to go back so you keep walking. As the miles pile up, you've now got blisters and calluses to the point where it gets so painful, you have to stop. 

Our world is in similar situation. Painfully aware of the imbalances we've created, we can't go back so we keep trying to move forward, blisters and all. Eventually, if we don't take a breath, heal the blisters and change into better fitting shoes, maybe even take them off altogether, we will grind to a halt. 

We cannot move from the 3rd dimensional reality to a 5th dimension without passing through the 4th. The Heart centre is the mid-point on this journey and the narrowest channel through which all energies pass. We find ourselves at the crossing-point - a bridge full of challenges, where we have to find balance between higher and lower consciousness; between where we are now and where we want to BE.

At the risk of stating the obvious, we call ourselves Human Beings, not Human Doings, though it is our actions which have brought us to the precipice we stand on today. It begs the question: What drives our actions? How have we got here? Why do we keep walking in shoes we've outgrown?

My feeling is we're overly focused on externals at the cost of our internals. What's playing out right now is the battle of the polarities - rich v. poor; educated v. uneducated; equality v. inequality, powerful v. powerless. Our collective well-being depends on our individual awareness - if we don't know what's driving our actions, how are we ever to make different choices? 

The process of learning how to BE (through thinking - feeling - doing - connecting) is a journey that constantly morphs our individual and collective identities. By becoming more aware of our inner drives we can learn to make better choices, hopefully ones which will help us draw back from the precipice and take us in a healthier direction. 

This is the Why? behind Holistic Communication... think of it as a tool kit to help us create a world we can all live in.