QF8​​​​​​​ ​​​​Coaching​​​​​​​

  • We begin by inspiring people to fall in love with learning, connecting them both to their heart centre and to the idea that LEARNING is LIFE.

  • We go to the root of motiv-action, helping people connect to what moves them to act and so to the essence of their being.

  • QF8 Coaches facilitate processes, guiding people to see how emotions drive attitudes and learn how to process and transform behaviours.

  • We encourage people to share and discuss their experiences, using a range of tools that help them relate information to their daily lives, stretching boundaries and nurturing growth.

  • We empower people to be responsible for their own learning and to create something new in the world by using what they learn in some new and original way.

QF8 is a model for delivering coaching experiences in a way that inspires people to engage in the exciting adventure of growing awareness.

QF8 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Coaching sessions are rooted in the following pillars:

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QF8 Coaches take account of the different ways that people process information, attending to diverse learning styles and differentiating between degrees of competency. 

QF8 empowers coaches to challenge linear thinking, integrating duality and separation, guiding people  to grow their conscious awareness of the connectedness of all things. 

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QF8 is the cornerstone of our flagship de-programme “Flourish”. It guides people through 3 cycles of learning, called Nodes.

Each node is made up of several spirals

Working from the inside-out, it links the concrete to the abstract, spiralling through engagement, knowledge, skills and the development of fluency in 'speaking' flowers, a language of conscious awareness. 

The process culminates in authentic creations; each person contributing to the learning community in a uniquely personal way. 

QF8 is a School of LIFE. It is an integrated model which invites the learner to connect, body, mind, emotions and spirit to grow in conscious awareness; the place where life presence is born.

QF8 is inspired by questioning (Questions), the language of flowers as messengers of consciousness, (Flowers) and the infinite energy body of the human being (8).